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I make up supporting Bangladesh and Arsenal by being a Melbourne Storm fan. Cricket, league and football fanatic.



Honestly not convinced by Ten Hag at United. Add in the fact that Greenwood is set to be reinstated to the squad spells huge trouble for Ten Hag, Greenwood and the board. The amount of abuse (rightfully so how does United still stand by Greenwood after the actions of Giggs and Ferdinand off the pitch) that they will cop is huge.

What the EPL?!: Ange's big day, Claret blues and trouble at the bottom on opening weekend

I liked the lineup today. Even Garlick at 9. Capable of providing steady service to start a game and play as a forward when Grant comes on. Katoa starting means that NAS can solely focus on coming off the bench in the middle rather than playing on the edge. No disrespect to Warbrick, but I’ve always seen Smith as a better winger than centre. Deceptively quick as well. Win the next three, hope the Warriors drop points somewhere and avoid Penrith in week one of finals. That will be huge.

ANALYSIS: Raging Ricky 'lost for words' as Storm prove they're contenders by riding roughshod over 'crap' Raiders

I just watched highlights of the two times Broncos and Roosters took on each other in 2018. Not only did Napa get binned in each game, he got binned for the same offence. No intent to tackle properly, went head first and collided with the opposition player. It was such an ugly tackle that he’d be sent off without a doubt nowadays. And rightfully so

Round 24 Team Lists Late Mail: Panthers lose star duo, Verrills gone for 2023, Broncos get triple boost, Kris crossed off

Giving the Phins a chance? Talking of Phins, last time Robbo and Wayne faced off at Allianz Stadium, Broncos won 22-8 in 2018. Guess which Rooster that is in this 17 got binned that night.

Round 24 Team Lists Late Mail: Panthers lose star duo, Verrills gone for 2023, Broncos get triple boost, Kris crossed off

No. Papenhuyzen return v Canberra is a big no. He won’t be mentally there. Let him play 80 mins in Q Cup this week. If Coates is out this week, Young T on the wing and Olam at centre. Or debut Faalogo. He’s ready. And Pezet showed against Penrith he doesn’t fear anyone. Munster needs to step up though.

Round 24 Team Lists Late Mail: Panthers lose star duo, Verrills gone for 2023, Broncos get triple boost, Kris crossed off

I am the first person to criticise the daylights out of Tony G. But my god has he actually listened to the fans and start with an attacking lineup since matchday three. Not just that, but he got it tactically spot on. After Denmark had a few chances in the opening 20, he got us to sit deeper to play the perfect low block. Their long balls were suddenly ineffective. That helped us transition a lot better on the counter and how good is it seeing Foord and Fowler ace it btw? Bring on the winner of the colonial derby in Brisbane!

Foord Fiesta! Caitlin and Raso fire Matildas into quarter finals as Kerr makes long-awaited return

Play the same front four that we played against Canada and we’ll run rings around this Danish defence. Alongside that, I’d like to see our strikers and midfield press together rather than individuals did vs Canada. An early goal will get Acco- I mean Stadium Australia going nuts. And we can thrive off that. Carn the Tillies

This is the Matildas' biggest game yet. Can they hold their nerve?

I know I’m biased as a Storm fan, but I still believe in the Storm having a chance if they finish in the top four. Yes it’s been frustrating seeing this team at times, but if they face Broncos in week one of the finals, I’m backing them to make the prelim since Brisbane have plenty of mental scars. Plus if Papenhuyzen gets through 80 mins unscathed in Q Cup and provides some X factor in the NRL off the bench, then something is possible. That being said, Penrith and Broncos are clear favourites.

Round 23 Talking Points: Simple way to avoid judiciary, three teams to beat and the trio falling short of expectations

Flegler and J Wal have to start next year. Age is catching up to him and it’s time Bennett brought him off the bench for a spell before HT and to start the second half.

ANALYSIS: Knights on the charge after fifth consecutive win - but only after huge Dolphins scare

I don’t know Tyrone personally but he’s an alumni of my high school. All the teachers that I still keep contact with had high praise for his work ethic. He’s a fullback and a good goalkicker. Wing is arguably his third best position. Frustrating night for him, but Munro will bounce back.

ANALYSIS: Sharks stun Souths with first-half demolition - leaving Bunnies' title hopes in tatters

I love Hughes don’t get me wrong. But thank god Pezet is the backup half. Granted playing in Penrith is a different beast altogether. But Pezet is a future NSW half and playing in a tough environment like tonight will do him heaps of good. I still think the game will be won in the forwards. Bellyache has gone with four forwards to come off the bench. That could be the key to beating Penrith in Penrith

Round 23 Team Lists Late Mail: Broncos cop huge blow, Storm duo out, Holmes, De Belin banned, Titans star races clock

What about international Hastings at HB for England?

World Cup to 2026, Ashes & Kangaroo Tours to return as International Rugby League calendar announced

Ponting has had a great influence on the Delhi side. From being the joke of the IPL, Delhi suddenly became a hugely competitive side. Unfortunately in 2022, COVID outs weakened their team while this year Ganguly was involved within the Delhi setup. And wherever Ganguly goes to be involved with an IPL team, failure follows.

The best coach for the Australian cricket team was at the Ashes but in the commentary box

Tago named in the reserves. I hope that’s where he stays come matchday against the Storm. Arguably our strongest forward pack for the year and that’ll be needed against Penrith. Even if we don’t win, just wanna see the Storm put up a huge fight and push Penrith for the majority of the contest.

Round 23 Team Lists Late Mail: Broncos cop huge blow, Storm duo out, Holmes, De Belin banned, Titans star races clock

The whole team being back in Auckland is huge. The players can actually interact with their home fans, something they were robbed of for 2020 & 2021 alongside most of 2022. Having an outsider in Webster get involved and motivate his players has been huge as well.

Warriors’ surge to finals is biggest surprise since 2005 Tigers premiership run - and Shaun Johnson deserves Dally M

I suspect Papenhuyzen will be named on the Storm bench around round 24 or 25 before he starts at fullback in round 26. While his inclusion is massive, getting Tepai M back into the lineup is just as big. The Storm forward pack now has the grunt to start well and have the bench forwards to continue the momentum – something that they struggled with in losses to Panthers and Knights.

NRL News: Papenhuyzen set for return, Holbrook favourite for Super League job, Teddy backs Freddy

Hey hey hey. Carabao Cup is an important trophy to win Mike. For a certain club in North London that has a logo of a chicken on top of a volleyball that is.

NRL Power Rankings: The logjam to end all logjams is brewing as finals favourites lose and outsiders close in

Did they meet up at a nightclub in Bristol 😉

English bitter: 'Pathetic' Poms accused of dodging post-match beer in aftermath of tense Ashes series

Sam Hain. Born in Hong Kong to British parents, but grew up in Gold Coast. Made the Australia u19 squad at the age of 16 in 2012. QLD cricket didn’t offer him a contract for the 2013-14 season. Warwickshire did. Been in England since and has had two strong FC seasons in a row. Still uncapped so eligible to play for Australia. Played for Brisbane Heat last season as an overseas player.

Why Australia need to start regenerating ageing Test team now before it’s too late

Our team for 2025 Ashes should look like this

Hain/Renshaw, Khawaja (his last series imo), Marnus, Smith, Head, Green, Inglis/Carey, Cummins, Sutherland, Morris, Murphy/Lyon depending on Lyon retiring.

Why Australia need to start regenerating ageing Test team now before it’s too late

I’m with you on this Rellum. If Storm eke into top four and face Broncos in week one, I’m putting my house on the Storm purely because the Broncos have a huge mental block to overcome. I think bad Reynolds, no one else in Brisbane’s first choice 17 has experienced a win vs Melbourne.

ANALYSIS: Ref tackles, Magic Mam, Herbie goes bananas - and the Broncos all but secure a top two spot

The minute the NRL lied about their cash reserves, they lost all credibility. Time for an independent mediator

Exclusive: 'He accuses us of being racist' - NRL star slams 'absolutely disrespectful' V'landys

Honestly. How does Horsburgh get so much hate? Just because his hair colour is the same as Stokes and Bairstow? There’s a witch hunt against him and I don’t like it. Ponga’s a weak gutted fullback

– Sticky Rtuart after full time during the press conference

NRL week 22 preview talking points: Teams need to pile on the points and we salute DCE 300

Raiders v Knights is gonna be amazing and the game of the round for me. Ponga is playing some brilliant footy while the halves are clicking well. But the Knights cannot afford to have a slow start. No home crowd to galvanise them to get the momentum back. If they can get a few points early and put Raiders under the pump, then it could get ugly for Canberra.

NRL week 22 preview talking points: Teams need to pile on the points and we salute DCE 300

The only Tests England have won over their summer is when Anderson has not been in the XI.

Weather they like it or not, England only have themselves to blame for Australia being raining Ashes champs